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Benefits of Soursop leaves As traditional medicine

Lately the skin extract of mangosteen and soursop leaf became a phenomenon in the world of health. This is a result of tommyimage both in the world of medicine. Both pieces it has efficacy in the treatment of various diseases. To that end, this time kiita will discuss about the benefits of soursop leaves as a traditional medicine.
Soursop leaf has long been known as a natural anti-cancer drugs. This is because soursop leaves contain several compounds that can alienate ourselves from cancer. Some of its compounds are compounds such as acetogenins, annocatacin, gigantetronin, annomuricin, annonacin, gentisic acid, anomurine, muricapentocin, anonol, caclourine, linoleic acid that has benefits to boost our immune system.

The following is a benefit of soursop leaves in traditional medicine to treat a variety of diseases such as the following:
1. Cure Gout
The disease usually strikes in old age. However, when many among the young who are also affected by this disease. Soursop leaves can be used to treat diseases of uric acid. The trick is to boil the 10 sheets soursop leaves, select an old one and is green and not dry. Then boil water with 1 as much as 1 cup up to a boil. After that drinking this concoction while still warm. Doing it this way regularly twice a day.
2. Overcoming Diabetes
Diabetes can also be cured with soursop leaves. Sugar levels caused by diabetes can also be boiled water by neutralizing soursop leaves. How is almost the same with making potions to uric acid above. Drink 2 times a day. Until your blood sugar levels normal. Sugar levels normal is between 70-120 milligrams.
3. Treat cancer
Soursop leaves indeed long been known as a powerful cancer drug. Even up to 100 times the strength of chemotherapy against cancer. How to treat it is by boiling soursop leaf sheet 10 old with 3 degree water to boil. Drink this concoction twice a day every day for 2 weeks. Soursop leaf to have efficacy to kill abnormal cells that grow and allow normal cells to grow.
4. Lower the high blood pressure (hypertension)
High blood pressure or Hypertension is often called often become Sir other diseases more dangerous, such as stroke, gout and others. To be able to lower your high blood pressure. You could treat it with a drink of water decoction of leaves of soursop.
5. Cure asthma and shortness of breath
Medication for asthma or shortness of breath can also be obati by soursop leaves. The trick is to wear
7 soursop leaves which are then made to Ant‘s nest rang rang. Then squeeze the leaves and tamping the water they contain up to half of glasses. Drink this concoction every morning to Your disease cured.
6. Treat boils
How mengbati Boils use a soursop leaves is to take young soursop leaves. Take the leaves as many as 5 to 10 strands, then attach the leaves in place of your ulcers until boil dry.
7. Mild Cough
To use a soursop leaves as mild cough, you need to drink water remasan of 7 sheets soursop leaf that is still young. You could have them in the glass. And drink the water every morning before breakfast.
8. Treating Lumbago
You have pain? Obati with soursop leaves. The trick is to boil 20 sheets soursop leaves with 5 cups of water to boil. And drink this concoction ¾ glass just for once a day.
9. Treat Eczema and rheumatic
If you have rheumatic fever, you can paste the part that hurts with soursop leaves already pounded. Doing it this way until you are cured of rheumatism. PA day.
10. As a remedy of hemorrhoids
Boil 10 sheets soursop leaves you with 3 cups of water. Then the stew to the water once a day only. Be sure to avoid spicy foods and acidic foods. Since both these foods became a major cause of disease hemorrhoids.
11. Remove head lice Hair
Hair lice cure actually has been in production by the manufacturer. But such drugs contain chemicals. To that end, if you want to treat it in a natural way. You can use a soursop leaves as one of alternative medicine. The trick is to boil a few sheets soursop leaves the old. Then use the water to wash. Doing it this way on a regular basis. Then tick your hair will go by itself.

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