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Men’s armpits as a remedy stress and natural contraceptives women

Well, in this thread I’d like to discuss about men’s underarm sweat. Indeed disgustingconsidering, but , hopefully can be practiced.
First I did not believe when my friend the story if her boyfriend was glad kissed ascent of the armpit. So, my own sister also turned out like her husband’s armpitssmell. This makes me sign in clownish acute phase inand looking around for whatcause? Is there any related scientific research this? And finally my question was answered.

In an article published at Nature mentioned that once held research related to this problem. And as a result,men’s underarm sweat provides a soothing effect for the women who volunteer. In fact, it also shifted themenstrual cycle, so this discovery inspired the creation of the sweat drug aimed at manipulating the fertility ofwomen.
Underarms contain pheromones active physiologically,” said chemist George Preti of the Monell ChemicalSenses Center in Philadelpha, Pennsylvaniawho led there search. This behavior, change the chemicals(that are generally found in the world of animals), can affect the brain and body women unwittingly.
For six hours, volunteers were exposed to concentrated pheromones from women smell men‘s armpits. The levels of luteinizing hormone, which play a role in the menstrual cycle, monitored.
Luteinizing hormone is released from the nerve centers in the brain is becoming larger and more frequent asthe condition of a woman approaching the time of ovulation.The smell of armpits male hormone production isaccelerating this next, as expressed by the team Preti.
And in a recent study that was published in a related study held Daily Mail influence male armpit sweatsmells against the assessment of how attractive men for women. The research was held at the University ofNorth umbria underarm scent mentioned that men could turn a frog into a prince.
However, from some women who are volunteering for the study there is a woman who’s not affected armpitscent when giving judgment against the appeal of a man.This is because the women taking the contraceptive pill. From here it is known that the contraceptive pill makes the effects of pheromones do notwork well against the woman who consume that.
Then what the heck is pheromone?
Pheromone (Greece: phero, meaning carriers, and mone means sensation) is achemical substance that actsto stimulate and having sexual allure in males as well as females.
These substances originate from endocrine glands and used by living things to recognize same-sex, other individuals, groupsand to help the process of reproduction. Unlike the hormones, pheromones spread to theoutside of the body and can only be influenced and recognized by other similar individuals (one species).

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