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Pain Medications Cavities Quickly

Feel it is suffering from toothache, how not, want to eat even tasted bad, was not a good night’s sleep. It felt excruciating exceed tortured breakup. Hehehe. Certainly very uncomfortable if you are suffering from this course you feel very disturbed your activities.

Of course your concentration when it is to recover from a toothache. So it could be released from the bondage of suffering toothache. Especially if your toothache caused by cavities. Certainly will last a long time your dental pain. Definitely a sense of regret and pain mixed together due to first ignore the holes in your teeth.

For patients with dental pain will usually perform a variety of ways and efforts in order to avoid this disease. Of course there are plenty of medications that can be taken, ranging from chemical drugs offered by the medical and pharmacy, or traditional herbal medicines are natural or mendaspatkan went to the dentist for the best solution. However, if you are a new patient or a first-time experience toothache. Would be confused to find ways to recover from a toothache. To that end, here I will review the most potent drugs to cope with a toothache (cavities) as well as how to treat teeth + gums are potent with effectual.

The cause of cavities
Before we discuss more about the powerful traditional herbal medicine to cure toothache and sore gums. Now we will discusses about why teeth can cause cavities. Indeed there is some cause cavities but we will discusses about the cause of the cause of the largest to smallest:

1. Consuming too much food is too sweet
Mengkonsusi food and drinks that are too sweet can damage teeth and cause teeth to cavities. Because the food and drinks were sweet and high in sugar will turn into sour that can damage tooth enamel which in turn will make the teeth become porous and hollow. Therefore, reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that are too sweet is the right way to avoid sugary foods and drinks too much. However, there are a few tricks that you can consume food and sweet drinks but does not damage your tooth enamel. That is by gargling after consuming food or drink that is sweet. However, eating foods and sweet drinks excessive still not good for our bodies.

2. How to brush teeth correctly
Did you know, when brushing teeth too long can actually damage your teeth? yap, this fact was revealed after some research done by the dentist. By brushing teeth too long, it will make the thinning of the layer of the tooth or tooth enamel. Normal time in brushing teeth is between 1-2 minutes.

For tooth brushing pattern must also be correctly and precisely, so that you get the white, clean and strong to the fullest. Benara brushing pattern dalah to sweep from top to bottom and vice versa from the bottom up. Not the one from right to left or left to right. Meyikat way like this is very wrong and can damage the enamel gradually.

3. The presence of bacteria in the mouth

We also found the bacteria in the mouth that dangerous, the bacterium that will change the sweet substance that we consume remains on the sidelines of the teeth become acidic substances. Which then is this substance that would damage the enamel. So there will be holes in our teeth.
For that, we are always advised by doctors to gargle every waking and going to bed. Because these bacteria will be working while we were sleeping. To that end, gargling before bedtime is useful to membuan entire food scraps that are in between our teeth. While rinsing waking works to clean teeth and mouth and gums from bacteria that are in the teeth. Because when we sleep bacteria are gathered together to take a sweet substance that remains in the teeth when we are asleep.

Even now, many mouthwashes on the market that can help you to simplify the job of cleaning the mouth and teeth. The mouthwash can also help you to freshen your breath. And can clean the rest of the ingredients of toothpaste while you’re brushing your teeth.

4. Improper toothbrush

Apart from the factor how to brush teeth, type of toothbrush can cause tooth decay if we choose the wrong kind. The important thing is do not use coarse-bristled toothbrush. Type of coarse-bristled toothbrush will damage your tooth enamel. If you use this with the long-term it can damage your teeth gently. For that, you should use the type-bristled toothbrush soft and smooth. That will make you feel comfortable when wearing them. Even soft-bristled toothbrush was no limit of usage. You need to remember that a toothbrush should only be used within 3 months. After that, you should not wear it again. Better to prevent than cure.

Pain medication cavities Most Powerful

Pain medications cavities there had been many, especially medicines recommended by doctors. However, do you know that you can treat the pain of cavities and gum disease using traditional medicines herbal handed down by our ancestors for generations. Of course traditional medicines will not cause the side effects that will befall you. Traditional medicines of natural herbs you can menyembuhakan of various problems such as toothache, toothache medicine, medicinal gums, cavities, and swollen gums.

Well if already perforated, then the proper measures are certainly seeing a doctor to patch the hole, so do not experience pain continually terursan. However, if the teeth are already rotten. Then pull adaah appropriate steps to avoid any infection. Do you know ? that decaying teeth can cause infections and other diseases are more severe as the heart that comes from the poison rotten teeth. Therefore, needs to be aware of if you have cavities.

Here’s how to naturally and quickly to treat toothache good for children, adolescents, and adults:

    How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Garlic

When teeth are hollow, there is usually a lot of bacteria that gather on the hole. Evil bacteria that changed all the sugar into acid. Which can damage the teeth. For that, we need antibiotics can kill these bacteria. This antibiotic to be played by Garlic. Of course we know that garlic is a very potent anti-bacterial. Were able to fight the bacteria naturally and quickly.
The way to treat cavities by using garlic is to take 1 clove garlic finely and then mashed and mixed with a little salt. Then paste this herb to cavities or tooth ache. Then, do this until your teeth are completely healed and your dental pain disappeared.

    How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Cloves

Clove also has anesthetic properties that heal wounds as well as anti-bacterial, inflammatory and antioxidant. That is why, cloves can kill the bacteria that are in the pit of our teeth.
How to use as a cure toothache Clove is easy, because now there clove oil in the form of products. You can membei clove oil products then drops slightly in ¼ cup of water and then, make this herb as a mouthwash or tooth paste in cavities or tooth pain using cotton. Then paste in cavities.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Tamarind Seed

Tamarind actually can heal cavities and toothaches. The trick adala by collecting some tamarind seeds. Then remove from the fruit, because we take is the seed alone. Then finely crushed and then paste or rub on your teeth sore and perforated using cotton.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Lime

Lime certainly has many benefits for our body. One is able to relieve toothache. The trick is easy with a squeeze of lime and the water paste on the aching tooth or perforated using cotton. Of course this would be in pain due to contraction of the bacteria. However, this method will be quick to relieve your dental pain.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using salt

Good salt is a salt that contains a lot of iodine are good for health. Especially for mumps, and eliminate tooth pain. So if you suffer from a toothache, you can use iodized salt as a drug suitable, inexpensive and precise. The trick is to heat water to dissolve the salt to taste. Then guanakan this as a mouthwash seteah the water is a little warmer. Then do it this way repeatedly until been able to.

 How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Onion

Besides Garlic, Shallots colleagues also contains many substances antiseptic and anti-bacterial good. How to use onion as medicine toothache is very easy that is by taking 1 red onion and puree and paste paa cavities. This method is proven to relieve toothache. To get the maximum results you need to do repetitive way until subsided.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using pepper

Pepper is a spice ingredient used for a food flavor enhancer. Pepper mambantu you can also treat your toothaches and cavities. By way of smoothing pepper then give a little salt and a little water. This herb should you apply on your teeth sore. To get the maximum results you should do this way on a regular basis until you feel better teeth.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Guava Leaf

Guava has a myriad of benefits for human health, its leaves can be used as a cure constipation and toothache medicine. The trick is to reap guava leaves, select any younger. Then grow guava leaves later after fine you can paste into the cavities or the tooth that hurts. Then do it this way repeatedly until the pain subsided.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using avocado seeds

Avocado is a fruit that is very easy to find, do you know this fruit actually has benefits for treating toothaches and cavities and gum swelling. The trick is to take the avocado seed then dried / dried until its water content is reduced. After that, you can grind until smooth or shove. After that the powder you can use to apply on the perforated teeth and gums are swollen sakit.serta section.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Starfruit

Wuluh starfruit or Carambola Keris is a natural herbal medicine that is suitable to treat your cavities. Carnaya is to wash clean starfruit or carambola keris. Then give additional salt to taste, then apply on your teeth sore.

How To Treat Tooth Pain, cavities and gum pain using Cayenne

Cayenne pepper is also a naturally spicy flavor enhancer and have properties, such as by making it as a cure toothaches and cavities. How to use cayenne as a cure toothache is by mixing with hot water and stick in cavities or tooth pain using his cotton media.

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